Mark reading for 9/23

The scriptures listed below are closely related in content and represent a series of discussions that occurred at different times and in different places between Jesus and His disciples.

Gospel reading for Sunday, 9/17– Mark 8:31-9:1

Gospel reading for Sunday, 9/23 — Mark 9:30-50

Gospel reading for Sunday,10/21 — Mark 10:32-45

Each discussion begins with a few verses about Jesus’ expected Passion.  In Mark 8, which was in last week’s liturgy, the group was on the road to Caesarea Philippi when Jesus told about His coming suffering and death.  This concept of a defeated Christ gave rise to a rebuke from Peter, and the scene ends with Christ’s famous command, “Get behind me, Satan!”  The second discussion was about Jesus’ suffering and death and is from Mark 9.  It appears in this Sunday’s liturgy  and occurs during the group’s travel through Galilee.  (See the full scripture on this blog’s menu item “Liturgical Readings and Slideshow”.) The third discussion, from Mark 10, which we’ll read in church on October 21, was held on the road into Jerusalem.

Interestingly, on each occurrence of these Passion conversations, Mark dedicates only a few verses to the event that changed the course of human history, while spending the  many verses that follow recording His lessons on discipleship, how we should spend our time in human history.

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