Voting—a raw datum that matters

A lawsuit has been leveled against NC alleging that over 1 million voters are on NC’s voter roles who are not qualified to vote.  The statistic that is used by the Federal government to check this  compares the number of people in a region who can vote legitimately  to the number who actually do vote. If the number who actually do vote is a larger number than those qualified to vote it raises questions—not rocket science.

There is a federal law that requires all states to maintain their voter roles according to standard. The suit brought by Judicial Watch, a watchdog group that studies voter roles all over the country, alleges that NC has not followed the law on this.

As a matter of curiosity, I looked up ten NC obituaries and checked them each against the voter list from the NC Board of Elections. One of the ten deceased persons died in November 2019 and is still on the voter roles in one of NC’s counties in the Piedmont. This may be corrected in the coming months, before the next election. I hope so.

Just thought you might want to watch for this in the news.


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