Sunday February 7, 2021

cover imageFifth Sunday after Epiphany

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Today’s reading from Isaiah is dated around the time of King Cyrus  the Great of Persia.  If you remember, King Cyrus gave the Jews permission to return to Palestine in 538 BCE.  According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Cyrus’s kingdom went from the Aegean Sea (between Greece and Turkey) eastward to the Indus River in Tibet. His successors conquered all of Asia Minor and Egypt.  From my atlas, here’s an overview of the area with the red marking the west (Aegean Sea) and east (Indus River) boundaries.  It helps to know that we now associate Persia with Iran.


Here’s some art work from the period.

This is Hercules doing his first of twelve “Labours.”

Heracles jar  Herakles

Here is a basilica located in Paestum Italy.                                                                             It precedes the Parthenon by 100 years.


Here’re are some Persian smiles.

Persian smiles   Look at the smiles on these faces.  It was thought that art depicting humans should show some kind of “sign of life,”  thus the smiles on these statues.  Later in classical Greece, sculptors figured out how to depict the human body with more human expression (signs of life), so the smiling faces disappeared.