Recipe page

Favorite recipes get lots of comments at the time they are served in Cooper Hall and are listed here.  Most are from Wednesday night Lenten dinners.

Lectionary Readings

Lectionary readings are updated weekly to follow the Episcopal calendar; but the last word is St. Thomas’s Sunday bulletin, which is posted at http://stthomaswindsor.org .  The single-page and large-print formatted readings and the accompanying slideshows are provided by the Vanderbilt University Divinity School Library linked  here.

Bible study commentary for each Sunday’s readings comes from the Montreal Diocese linked here.

Altar Flowers

Altar flowers are a much celebrated addition to our Sunday services, contributed by members of the congregation and community as memorials to loved ones, celebration of special events or .  .   .  just because.  Use the Altar Flowers scheduling page to find out if your preferred dates are already taken.  If they are not, then use the volunteer form to sign up to give flowers honoring those special people you want to remember.

Sign up ahead of time.

Call a florist (we have recommendations).

Think of your favorite people to honor or remember.

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