Altar Flower Schedule

St. Thomas offers the opportunity for volunteers to provide flowers for the altar on Sunday mornings.  If you wish to participate please call Agnes at 252 209-7259 or mail to

Altar Flower Guidelines

          Sunday Morning Prayer services are held outside at the altar beside the columbarium. Services will eventually move indoors, so if you agree now to do outside flowers, but don’t care to do inside flowers (whenever we resume inside services), then we can make changes accordingly when the situation changes.

The altar flower arrangement will sit in front of the altar on the ground.  Instead of using the brass vases as we do inside, the donor will need to provide the container and remove it after the fact.  Bonnie has suggested that greenery or a potted plant will work just as well as flowers.   

Watch the weather for temperature & wind–which will affect your flowers, or rain–for which the service will be cancelled. 

         Also, Bonnie needs to have information for the bulletin (memorial, etc.) by the Wednesday before the Sunday it is to appear.  Your remembrance will appear in the bulletin–posted online–rain or shine.

Thanks for helping with this most important church ministry!