The document linked below is an attempt to outline a brief history of the city of Samaria,
which was built in the 9th century BCE and survived to the Byzantine era, hundreds of years after Christ.   The Samaritan sect, which traces its origin back to the northern Israelite form of the Mosaic religion, still exists in small numbers at the city of  Nablus and accepts only the Pentateuch as Scripture.  ( In ancient times, Samaria was also the central region of ancient Palestine, known as the West Bank. SamariaWest Bank    Contemporary Map of Samaria/West Bank from

What does BCE stand for?

This question was posed at the Wednesday night Soup Supper on February 28.

When used in conjunction with dates, BCE means “Before Common Era” and CE means “Common Era.” “Common Era” is an alternative name for the traditional calendar era “Anno Domini” (“in the Year of Our Lord”), abbreviated AD. BCE is an alternative name for the traditional calendar era “Before Christ,” abbreviated BC.

Example: The dates AD 2001 and 2001 CE are equivalent. The dates 457 BC and 457 BCE are equivalent. Per style guide convention, AD traditionally precedes the year, whereas BC, BCE, and CE always follow the year.

Levine’s Dept Store

Levine’s Department Store was an important place in Windsor for years.  As a part of Windsor’s 250th anniversary celebration Eva Scheib was asked to write a history of the store, which her family purchased in 1942.  Her story will become part of a history book of Windsor sponsored by the 250th Celebration Committee.

Coincidentally, during the week of Valentine’s Day 2018, the same week that Eva Scheib was writing this story of her family’s escape from Nazi Germany to Windsor, her son Sam was attending school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida when a fellow student opened fire, shot and killed seventeen people.  Sam escaped and is one of the several students seen fleeing in a video broadcast on national news.

Levine_s Department Store Eva Scheib Hendler of Parkland, Florida

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This blog is intended to help us share information about Bible Study at St. Thomas Church in Windsor, NC.  It will have the weekly slideshows and liturgy from the Vanderbilt Divinity School, the Lenten/Easter study materials from The Good Book Club, as well as, other information.  The task now is to figure out if the blog is useful.  Please comment.